Extending the life of books into the hands of new Readers for a Greener World

We ensure unwanted books are re-used throughout Australia


We do our part for the Planet by giving books a second life, instead of one in a landfill


Lowering the impact of books on the planet by retrieving them from recycling and landfill plants

The Network

We partner with Schools, Libraries, Charities and Auctioneers to save their unwanted books from landfill

Help us Re-Use books to Save The Planet

Books are heavy and often valued as worthless by institutions and individuals alike. Even if books are placed into recycling, they are often unable to be recycled due to traces of plastic in the covers, so they are transferred to landfill. This is a tragic waste of resources and information, so we seek to raise awareness and prevent books being destroyed.

Can I put books in the recycling bin?

We often hear this question. At the present time, you can put books in the recycling bin, but actually recycling them into new paper still poses technical challenges and unless certain guidelines are followed, it isn't possible. Books are obviously made of paper, which has been stacked and bound together, protected by a cover, and held together through strong adhesive. Some recycling plants do not accept books because the plastic covers aren't currently able to be recycled. Due to a lack of awareness, the public isn't aware of the vital condition for recycling books; you must remove the covers of the books before placing it in the recycling bin. This is because the covers are partially made of plastics that can't be recycled at the present. What recyclers need to receive is the bare pages inside the book, and then these can be recycled. But, if possible, we should instead reuse books to save on natural resources and cut down our carbon footprint, and that's what we always aim to promote here in Australia

Get in Touch

If you have books that you don’t need anymore, then Save The Books are your contact. Talk to us and we’ll ensure they are into the hands of new readers. We offer a FREE de-clutter collection service from your institution, home or business. We accept donations, but we will also negotiate with you a price for your books. Where do we donate books that don't meet our criteria? We don’t send books to the recyclers or landfill. Our policy is to always donate books that don’t suit our needs to local charities to help those that need it most!