Curtis Antram
Founder, Save The Books

Our Business

Our mission is to extend the life of books into the hands of new readers. Save The Books are an international for-profit book retailer selling online. We specialize in non-fiction books but also proudly sell fiction and other genres too.


We are Save The Books, a for-profit international book retailer selling Online. We specialize in non-fiction books but sell fiction and other genres too.

Books are critical to the development of individuals, communities, and economies. They are more than just ink and paper. We’re committed to promoting reading and sharing the love of books to make a positive impact  in South Australia. We don’t believe a book should be read once by a single owner. We find books new homes so they can be enjoyed by more people. This is how we are making books into a circular economy.

We source much of our stock from charities, book sales, libraries, and private individuals by accepting or buying the titles they either don’t want or haven’t got space for. This prevents institutions and individuals from having to destroy the books. If the books that we acquire aren’t favourable to sell, we donate them back to local charities we are partnered with, such as The Lions Club, RSL, Rotary Club, Save the Children and Vinnie’s. This ensures they do not get recycled or go to landfill. We help reduce the carbon footprint of Adelaide and the surrounding townships by re-purposing books into the hands of new readers across the in South Australia. Reusing books means less energy and resource consumption. Climate Change is a real threat, so we’re committed to limiting the number of trees that need to be cut down.